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I am a firm believer that we should help ourselves through food choices first and foremost when wanting to achieve a tip-top wellbeing status, however commonly, the average person leads such a life that they are not able to sustain ‘clean living’ to the degree needed to avoid the negative impact that 21st-century living brings.

Our body needs a huge range of nutrients in order to manage our key systems effectively and for a huge array of reasons, the vast majority of the population are not receiving enough variety daily. Couple with that, the fact that most foods are far more depleted of nutrients than they were 50 years ago due to mass production methods. Therefore supplements absolutely play an important role in my own personal health and that of my client base. Knowing what to take and why is not easy and if you need help with this, buy the Nutritional Deficiency Assessment and I will help you with this.

To Supplement or Not?

Commonly, the average person leads such a life that they are not able to sustain ‘clean living’ to the degree needed to avoid the negative impact that 21st-century living brings.

The quality of nutritional supplements is vitally important to effectiveness.  Many leading high street brands purchase from third-party manufacturers and therefore have no control over the quality of the source or the manufacturing process.  Additionally, many companies use synthetic nutrients & fillers which give you isolated or fractionated pieces of the whole and simply do not give you the benefit that Mother Nature intended.   It’s no wonder that some people question the effectiveness of supplements on overall health & wellness.

So why should we supplement?

Here are just some of the reasons why supplementation is a good idea…

  1. Commercial agricultural techniques have caused soil deficiencies which in turn lead to nutrient deficiencies in our foods.
  2. Long term food storage of our fruit & veg before it reaches our supermarket shelves, as well as added preservatives, deplete vitamins in the food.
  3. Studies have shown that our foods contain half the nutrients they used to.  Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals are no longer bio available in the quantities that they used to be 100 years ago.
  4. Regular medication commonly depletes our bodies of essential nutrients.
  5. Stress increases the body’s need for nutrients.
  6. Many people suffer poor digestion which makes it difficult for our bodies to extract exactly what it needs.
  7. Research shows that over 70% of the average population are still not meeting the minimum 7 fruits and veg per day, government guidelines
  8. Overcooking is quite common in the modern home and this alone means that food can lose its nutritional value by the time it reaches our plates.
Debbie Collins

I only recommend and support a small number of supplement brands, based on the quality and efficacy of the products.  I am of the strong belief that there is no point in taking a supplement that is substandard as it simply will not do the job you are wanting it to do and therefore a waste of money.  Invest in quality products, by quality producers, where every ingredient is traced back to the source and tested for contaminants before it even reaches the factory floor.

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