Online Programmes For Women That Set You On A New Path Of Self Empowerment.

Debbie delivers professional and informative pre-recorded online interactive coaching programmes in order to bridge the gap between private one to one coaching and live online classes.  This gives clients the flexibility to learn in their own home, at their own pace, whilst still having access to support from Debbie.  These are pre-recorded coaching programmes and classes, delivered to your inbox on demand. Once you have paid, you will receive instant access. The topic matters cover a whole host of health, weight loss and wellbeing topics. Imparting her 10 years plus experience as a health and wellbeing coach and helping individuals to make changes to their lifestyle in interactive programmes and workshops that will leave you feeling in control of your health and wellbeing. Have a look below to see what’s currently available and take action today to give yourself a better tomorrow!

Launched & Upcoming Master Classes & Programmes…

How To Create Unconditional Self Love

This is a brand new coaching programme and the first coaching recording will be released into your email inbox on Friday 31st March.

8 Week Coaching Programme at just £8.50 per week!

8 pre-recorded video coaching sessions delivered to your inbox from me over an 8 week period, plus entry to my Self Love Coaching WhatsApp group to support you through your journey and beyond.

Most of us know what self-love is but do not understand it. Everyday most of us are trying to conquer external battles like finding love, finding success, or finding happiness, but we do not understand that self-love is the root from which everything grows.

How much love do you show to yourself? Below are common signs that you have work to do on your self love mode:

You lack confidence

You talk negatively to yourself

You don’t think you deserve much

You don’t feel like yourself

You lack self trust

You constantly compare yourself to others

You neglect your own needs

You stopped taking care of yourself

You consistently engage in people pleasing behaviour

You consistently say yes when you want to say no

You don’t reinforce boundaries

You feel little control over your life

You allow others to treat you poorly

If you recognise any of these signs, then come and sign up for my brand new online coaching programming entitled How to Create Unconditional Self Love which is launching on Friday 31st March. You will receive 8 pre-recorded video coaching sessions delivered to your inbox from me over an 8 week period, plus entry to my Self Love Coaching WhatsApp group to support you through your journey and beyond.

Every session is approximately 45 to 60 minutes long and includes coaching exercises for you to complete. The WhatsApp group will receive motivation from me daily plus a safe and supportive space to share your experiences and reflections.

Sugar The Sociopath Master Class

Coming Soon

Sugar the Sociopath - Workshop for Ladies

Why do I call sugar ‘the sociopath’?  Because it acts all sweet and innocent yet it really is out to get you!

Online Master Class Coming Soon!

Weight Loss Masterclass

Coming Soon!

In foundational pillars of weight loss and long-term weight management

If you have ever been on a diet and are still overweight or perhaps even heavier than you were before then you need this in your life!

Comfort Eating Online Coaching Programme

Coming Soon!

How To Break The Eating For Comfort Cycle and the ‘Sod It’ Moments

Recognise your emotional eating patterns and triggers and build a new roadmap for yourself in order that you can take back control of food, rather than food controlling you.

Break the Cycle Masterclass

Be proactive with your health, feel good, feel confident, feel energised. Most importantly, take control of your happiness and wellbeing.

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